Windographer Features

Windographer quickly imports virtually every data format, allows rapid quality control and statistical analyses including MCP, and exports to all common wind flow models.

Data Management

  • Import virtually every data format including: NRG, Ammonit, Kintech, Campbell, Triton, AQSystem, ZephIR and Windcube
  • Read calibration constants from raw data files and re-calibrate
  • Read from and write to any SQL database
  • Combine co-located anemometers, fill gaps, apply time shifts and create calculated data columns
  • Extrapolate speed, direction, temperature and turbulence data to multiple heights
  • “Document History” window displays complete list of modifications

Quality Control

  • Define your own flags
  • Apply flags to data segments manually or automatically
  • Use flags as filter criteria

Measure – Correlate – Predict (MCP) Module

  • Download ERA5 and MERRA-2 long-term reference data for free
  • Compare possible long-term reference data sets based on correlation and uncertainty
  • Choose from several algorithms including linear least squares, variance ratio and matrix method
  • Compare algorithms and settings in terms of their performance and their uncertainty
  • Lengthen or scale the target data set to expected long-term conditions

Create Professional Output

  • Export reports to PDF
  • Export multiple-height time series data to Openwind
  • Export to WAsP, WindFarmer, WindSim and Meteodyn WT
  • Export graphs and tables to PNG or text files
  • Enterprise edition imports/exports to any SQL database