Import, analyze and visualize wind resource data quicker and easier than ever before with Windographer


Windographer software is designed for importing, analyzing and visualizing wind resource data measured by met tower, sodar or lidar. This software is unique because it has the ability quickly to import data from a variety of different formats allowing for rapid quality control and statistical analyses, including measure-correlate-predict (MCP), and the functionality to export data to almost any wind flow model that is commonly used within the wind power industry.

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Speed matters – Windographer quickly imports data from almost any format and automatically determines the data structure, identifying which columns contain speed, direction, temperature, pressure, relative humidity data, and solar radiation data.

Analyze and manage multiple datasets together – Build a single workbook to contain all of your related datasets, including met towers, remote sensing devices and long-term reference datasets.

View multiple display windows simultaneously – Keep your eye on multiple visualization modules while you make any modification.

Keep a record of all changes made to each dataset – If you make a mistake like deleting the wrong data or executing the wrong flag rule, a multiple step undo system lets you restore your data, even days or months afterwards.

Scrollable time series graphs – A unique time series graph allows you to zoom in and out, scroll forwards or backwards in time, show or hide data columns, resample and compare side-by-side all with single clicks.

Wind roses – Create many types of wind roses, including frequency by direction, mean value of any data column by direction, total wind energy by direction, and even polar scatterplots.

Frequency histograms – Plot frequency histograms for any data column. For wind speed data columns, Windographer overlays the best-fit Weibull distribution.

Windographer Key Features

Windographer includes the following features as well as core features:


  • Long-term adjustment module capable of handling multiple onsite and reference datasets
  • Boom orientation and displacement height
  • Vertical extrapolation of wind speed, direction, turbulence and temperature
  • Data reconstruction, shear and turbulence analysis, in situ comparison of anemometers


Data Management

  • Import virtually every data format including: NRG, Ammonit, Kintech, Campbell, AQSystem, ZX Lidars and Windcube
  • Read calibration constants from raw data files and re-calibrate
  • Read from and write to any SQL database
  • Combine co-located anemometers, fill gaps, apply time shifts and create calculated data columns
  • Extrapolate speed, direction, temperature and turbulence data to multiple heights


Quality Control

  • Define your own flags
  • Apply flags to data segments manually or automatically
  • Use flags as filter criteria


Long-Term Adjustment Module

  • Download ERA5 and MERRA-2 long-term reference data for free
  • Compare possible long-term reference datasets based on correlation and uncertainty
  • Choose from several algorithms including linear least squares, variance ratio and matrix method
  • Compare algorithms and settings in terms of their performance and their uncertainty
  • Lengthen or scale the target dataset to expected long-term conditions


Create Professional Output

  • Export multiple-height time series data to Openwind
  • Export to WAsP, WindFarmer, WindSim and Meteodyn WT
  • Export graphs and tables to PNG or text files
  • Enterprise edition imports/exports to any SQL database

For a comprehensive list of the latest features, view the release notes.

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