Windographer creates intelligence out of wind data…

Windographer is the industry leading software for analyzing wind resource data measured by met tower, sodar, or lidar. It imports virtually every data format commonly encountered in the wind power industry, allows rapid quality control and statistical analyses including MCP, and exports to all wind flow models common to the wind power industry.

Windographer Import data 2

Data Import:

Windographer reads all types of data common to the wind power industry: Symphonie, Grand Symphonie, Nomad, ASC, Triton, ZephIR, Windcube, Pentalum, Wilmers, Ammonit, Campbell Scientific, 3Tier, Vortex, AWS Truepower, ASOS, and more. It also reads from and writes to SQL databases.


Windographer Visualize


See your data in all its glory through a huge assortment of flexible and interactive graphs. Quickly zoom, pan, filter, modify, and export.





Windographer Flag Data

Quality Control:

Flag tower shading, icing events, sensor malfunctions or other problems with manual or automated methods. Filter bad data from calculations, apply scaling factors or time shifts, and even fill gaps.



Windographer Visualize TimeSeries

Detailed Analyses:

Dig into the details of wind shear, turbulence, tower distortion, temperature gradient, inflow angle, extreme winds, wind turbine performance, data recovery, and more.




Windographer Advanced - MCP

Long-Term Correlation:

Correlate and extend your short-term data set with long-term reference data using several MCP algorithms, including least squares, orthogonal regression, Variance Ratio, SpeedSort, and the matrix method. A detailed test procedure shows how well each algorithm works with your data sets.



Create Professional Output:

Create standard reports:

Standard reports assemble numerous graphs and tables together in a convenient package. You can export reports to a PDF document for sharing outside of the program.

Windographer sample-monthly-report

Export any graph or table:

Windographer exports graphs to PNG or metafiles. It exports tables to text files or copies them to the clipboard for easy pasting into a spreadsheet.

Export to wind flow models:

Move your data easily into WAsP via a TAB file, into openWind via a CSV file, into WindSim via a TWS or WWS file, or into Meteodyn WT via a TIMSIGMA file.