Windnavigator Subscription

Windnavigator is a web platform that allows you to view and access UL’s high-resolution wind resource maps and data anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you are prospecting for greenfield sites, identifying locations for a wind monitoring campaign, or surveying competing projects, Windnavigator can provide the solution you need.

  • Site prospecting.
    Browse our wind maps and find locations for prospective wind projects. Generate a report to see how selected turbines will perform at each site. Leveraging our database of over 200 turbine models, our reports will help you make better decisions about your project.
  • Wind monitoring program design.
    Choose locations for prospective wind monitoring stations. Take Windnavigator with you in the field to ground-truth your choices.
  • Climate adjustments.
    Download a long-term VMM and perform measure-correlate-predict on your existing wind data. (Note: if you subscribe to Wind Data Management Dashboard, this will be done automatically for you.)
  • Preliminary project design and evaluation.
    Download a typical-year or long-term VMM and WRG file and import them to Openwind®, our plant design software. With Openwind’s advanced modules you can develop a plant layout and perform an energy analysis, including wake and other losses.
  • Evaluate the competition.
    Do you wonder how productive your project might be compared to competing sites and projects in the region? You can get the answer through our reports and database of existing wind projects.
  • Turn your GIS into a resource analysis toolkit.
    Work on your preferred spatial analysis platform and perform GIS-based prospecting with wind resource data, including speed-frequency and directional distributions, in GIS format.