Wind Plant and Energy Assessment

Early-stage plant design and energy assessment

It is helpful to have a realistic understanding of the scope and production potential of your project at an early stage in the development process. Using our high-resolution wind resource maps and other data, we can design a preliminary turbine layout and estimate the annual energy output quickly and efficiently. Learn more.

Advanced plant design and energy assessment

As your wind project matures, optimal plant design and accurate estimation of the future production become essential. Our methods, trusted by developers and financial institutions alike, are transparent, proven, and have been validated against operational data. Learn more.

Bankable energy production reports

When projects go to financing, investors and lenders ask one question: Whose opinion can we trust? Increasingly, it is UL’s. Our comprehensive and authoritative reports are widely recognized and accepted in the financial sector, giving you confidence in overcoming financing hurdles. Learn more.

Wind flow models and resource data

Having your team carry out part of the design and analysis of a project can give you more control over the development process. We can provide the advanced wind flow modeling, time series data (virtual met masts), expert advice, and other support you need to be successful. Combined with Openwind software, we are a one-stop shop for developers seeking to get the most from their internal resources. Learn more.

Openwind Software

Openwind is an advanced wind plant design and energy estimation software package designed for sophisticated users, yet fully compatible with industry standards. Built on a GIS-style architecture allowing elegant solutions to complex problems, Openwind employs the latest technology for such areas as wake losses, road and cabling layout and costing, energy and cost-of-energy optimization, time-series energy capture, and uncertainty modeling. Learn more.