Wind Developer Suite

The World’s Leading Software Suite for Wind Project Development and Design

One source for your wind analysis and visualization, data management, resource maps, and plant design. Backed by UL global expertise and experience. 


UL’s Wind Developer’s Suite is a comprehensive set of consulting services, software tools, and data products for supporting every phase of wind plant development from initial site prospecting to final design and energy estimation. It gives you the flexibility to conduct your analyses in the ways that suit you best by combining your internal resources with tools backed by our wind consulting experts. In addition to equipping your team with the tools they need to succeed, the Wind Developer Suite provides a platform for collaborating efficiently and effectively with our experts which can result in faster turnaround times and a more predictable outcome for your projects.

The Wind Developer Suite has four main components:

windnavigator screen shotWindnavigator 

An online platform for prospecting and high-level prioritization of project sites. Offers interactive global, 200-meter-resolution wind maps, speed and direction frequency data, downloadable reports, and a wide range of resource data (WRGs) including reanalysis data and custom WRF-based time series.

Windographer Advanced - MCPWindographer 

The marketing-leading software for importing, QCing, and analyzing wind resource data collected at wind project sites, and for preparing the data for use in wind flow and plant design software.


Gridded layoutsOpenwind

The industry’s most advanced software for creating and optimizing turbine layouts, designing and costing roads and cabling, performing energy estimates, and conducting ancillary analyses that may be needed for project implementation and planning such as shadow flicker and noise analysis.

FIELD WORKTraining Hours

Additionally, with the Wind Developer Suite, we offer complimentary consulting time so that customers can receive guidance from our experts to make the best use of the software. We find this close working relationship makes our customers’ teams far more effective, and that helps our customers be more successful.

wind site assessment dasboardWind Data Management Dashboard*

Our online platform that allows you to monitor and access your meteorological data securely and conveniently. Whether you have one tower or a fleet of towers, you can view and retrieve statistics, plots, downloadable reports, site commissioning forms and photographs, instrument history, status, and faults, raw and compiled data, and QC’d data.

*Additional pricing applies.

Your Choice

Wind Drought - OperationsWe work with many of the world’s most experienced and largest renewable project developers. Our services, software, data and online tools support new project development from the very beginning stages of prospecting for new sites, through to bankable energy reports for financing.

Our services can always be tailored to meet specific requirements for you and your projects. We can work with your team in the way that makes the most sense for you – either in a consulting mode or by providing resource data, online services, and advanced software enabling your team to do the work itself. By providing support in these different ways, we can maximize your team’s effectiveness while minimizing your overall development cost and schedule.


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