Wind Data Management

Wind Data Management Dashboard is a web platform that allows you to monitor and access your meteorological data securely and conveniently. Whether you have one tower or a fleet of towers, you can view and retrieve:

  • WDMD_smStatistics (mean speed, data recovery, shear, turbulence intensity, and temperature)
  • Plots (hourly and daily average wind speed, speed frequency distribution, wind rose)
  • Downloadable reports
  • Site commissioning forms and photographs
  • Instrument history, status, and faults
  • Raw and complied data
  • Quality-controlled data
How it works

When you sign up for Wind Data Management Dashboard, we will help you configure your loggers to deliver data to our systems on a regular schedule (e.g. daily), usually via email or FTP. We can also import data you’ve collected in the past.

Our software will decode and quality control the data as soon as they are received, then transfer them to a master database where all your data are stored. A meteorologist will review the data every week to verify their integrity.

Once uploaded, you will be able to view your data immediately on the Wind Data Management Dashboard through a password-protected login. Summary reports can be generated at any time and for any period with the click of a button, and both raw and quality-controlled data files can be downloaded to your computer.

Key Benefits and Applications

  • Access your data wherever and whenever you want.
    Retrieve and view information for any period of record, past and present, and from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Achieve high uptime and avoid data gaps.
    When you subscribe to Wind Data Management Dashboard, you have the comfort of knowing our meteorologists are regularly checking your data for signs of sensor degradation and failures. We will alert you of problems so that you can quickly replace failing instruments and keep data gaps to a minimum. Our goal is 100% data recovery.
  • Quality control you can trust.
    We apply rigorous quality-control methods – the same methods described in our book, Wind Resource Assessment – to ensure that the data you see are as accurate as possible. Suspected problems such as icing and sensor failures are automatically flagged and removed from summary statistics.
  • Security you can count on.
    Nothing is more important to us than keeping your data safe and secure. The Dashboard is hosted at a physically secure facility and protected by redundant switches, firewalls, and backup power to all systems. Data are backed up daily to redundant locations.
  • Set the stage for success.
    By letting us manage your wind monitoring data, you help ensure the success of your project down the road. Our staff will know your site and have high confidence in the quality and integrity of the data collected. This will make for a seamless transition to assessing the site’s wind resource and energy production potential.