Time Series

Time Series Datasets

UL’s time series datasets, available through the Windnavigator platform, provide you with tools to assess wind resource and energy production potential of your site and to conduct measure-correlate-predict (MCP) analyses. All datasets are provided in a universal CSV format that can be imported directly into a spreadsheet, Openwind, Windographer, and other plant design and resource assessment software.

Historical Time Series

Main Uses: Primarily in the Measure-Correlate-Predict (MCP) process to establish long-term wind conditions where short-term measurements are already available from a tower or remote-sensing system.

Global reanalysis data: 

Through Windnavigator you can download global reanalysis data from three public sources: MERRA-2, ERA5, and CFSR, covering anywhere in the world and spanning 1979 to the present.

Sample Long Term Time Series

WRF datasets with ERA5 reanalysis data

UL’s WRF time series datasets are produced on our high-performance computing cluster using the WRF model and reanalysis data. In the past the WRF model was initialized by ERA-Interim reanalysis data, but we are pleased to announce that the model is now initialized by ERA5.

Our technical team has performed a validation effort comparing the use of ERA-Interim and ERA5 in UL’s WRF time series. The results of this validation show that on average WRF with ERA5 performs better at most sites. If you are interested in reading more about this you can view the full validation presentation.

Download a sample WRF dataset


Typical Year VMM

Main Uses: UL’s TY-VMM data is used to estimate the wind resource and energy production potential of a site in a preliminary way where on-site measurements are not available.

Data Description:
 The data is produced by the Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System (MASS) in 10 KM runs initialized by NCEP/NCAR reanalysis for a sample of 365 days from 15 years (1997-2012). The winds are scaled to our 200 m mean speed maps.

Sample Typical Year


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