Grid Solutions

Grid Solutions

UL provides renewable energy forecasting services for over 70 GW of centralized and distributed wind and solar generation capacity across the world, including two-thirds of the capacity in North America. As the leading forecasting provider for grid operations in North America we are uniquely equipped to meet the high security and reliability our customers demand.

The same level of accuracy and reliability is applied to our plant owner and operator clients, energy storage providers, and other industry professionals with specialized requirements. We customize sophisticated atmospheric models and adaptive statistical techniques to meet the needs of each client to produce the most accurate forecasts possible.

Our tools allow us to predict the real-time impact of renewable resources on smart grid applications and the coincident changing weather conditions on load profiles or grid operations. Our experience combined with massive quantities of atmospheric data and a high performance computing environment, allows us to conduct long-term climate change assessments and impact mitigation studies for our clients.

Forecasting for Energy Integration

As more grid-connected renewable energy projects are developed, power companies and grid operators/regulators increasingly recognize the need for accurate and timely renewable generation forecasts. Learn More.

Grid Management and Planning Services

We understand the impact of centralized and distributed solar and wind technologies on the grid and the importance of reliable and economical operations. Learn More.

Atmospheric Modeling and Applied Research

Our demonstrated ability to accurately model the atmosphere and its impact on the local, regional, or global energy industry sets us apart from the competition. Learn More.

Ken Pennock

Director, Grid Solutions

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