Technical Advisory Services

Technical Advisory Services

From a small equity stake in a single project to the acquisition of a global project portfolio, different investments require different levels of review. UL works with you to determine the best path for your due diligence, and strive to identify all critical risks. Depending on your risk appetite, the type of investment, and your team’s expertise, we work to tailor project evaluation strategies specifically for you.

Invest with Confidence

Investing in a renewable energy project or portfolio is a complex endeavor that requires an extensive evaluation effort. Understanding the inherent technical risks of a project is a critical facet of this effort, and the conclusions of this evaluation will allow you to ultimately decide if the return is worth the risk. From energy resource and technology reviews, to balance of plant and O&M reviews, we leverage our combined 35+ years and 200 GW of experience on every wind and solar project we evaluate. We are pioneers and industry leaders in technical consulting and have played an active role in many of the world’s most important and groundbreaking renewable energy projects. This experience is important, but equally core to our company is our reliability. Our engineers work in lockstep with you and maintain regular communication as we evaluate your project. With millions of dollars on the line, you can’t afford to have questions go unanswered. With offices around the globe, and experience in over 140 countries, we bring the expertise, track record and reliability that will allow you to invest with confidence.



Technical Advisory Services can include:

Energy Resource

  • Operational Energy Production Reports (EPRs)
  • Pre-construction EPRs
  • Third Party Review of Pre-Construction EPRs
  • Preliminary Layout and Energy Assessment
  • Wake Effects
  • Site Review
  • SCADA Analysis


  • Turbine Technology Review
  • OEM-Specific Known Issues
  • Site Suitability Assessment
  • Assessment of 25-year Life
  • system Control Centers

Balance of Plant (BOP) Design

  • Civil and Geotechnical Review
  • Electrical Design Review

Warranty and O&M Review

  • Turbine Supply Agreements
  • BOP Construction Agreements
  • O&M Agreements
  • OPEX Costs

Environmental and Permitting

Site Visits

Lifetime Extension Services

  • Design Useful Life (DUL)
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Determination
  • OPEX Forecast Beyond Design Life
  • Operation Plan Optimization