Type and Component Certification

The type and component certification process provides confirmation that the wind turbine type, components and systems have been designed, manufactured and tested in conformity with the requirements as mandated by international standards and site-specific conditions.

Type Certification

The purpose of type certification is to confirm that a wind turbine type is designed, documented and manufactured in conformity with specific standards and site conditions. In addition, type certification covers the erection procedures, installation and maintenance of the wind turbine. A type certificate denotes a fully independent assessment of the completeness, correctness and safe functioning of a wind turbine for its design lifetime. Finally, a type certificate provides the traceability for the applicable documentation for design, testing and manufacturing.

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Component Certification

A component certificate is applicable to the major structural, mechanical and/or electrical components of the wind turbine, e.g. the frequency converter, transformer, generator, tower, rotor blade and gearbox. UL confirms that the specific component is designed, documented, manufactured and tested in conformity with the applicable design requirements, specific standards and other technical requirements. Component certification is a useful tool for component manufacturers to provide OEMs traceability to their design assumptions, testing and manufacturing processes and sites. A certified component can easily be integrated into the supply chain of OEMs.