Solar Testing and Inspection

PV Performance and Bankability Testing

Bringing clarity to the PV module decision-making process through expert performance testing services.

Buyers and investors closely examine performance indicators of PV equipment when making purchasing decisions. Manufacturers require services that help convince financial stakeholders of a product’s bankability and investment worthiness, as well as assure buyers that products are durable and can perform at the intended yield levels over the project’s planned operation time.

UL has published a new set of performance-related standards for PV equipment to assist stakeholders in the evaluation process. We also provide a broad range of testing services to the renewable energy industry that extends beyond safety to provide additional reassurances regarding product performance to manufacturers, EPCs, installers and financiers.

Parameters, such as electrical and thermal characteristics of modules, and the capability to withstand prolonged exposure to temperature and changing environmental conditions, affect the overall performance of a PV product. With poor quality components, corrosion can occur, diminishing the module’s irradiation absorption ability or power generation efficiency.

UL’s performance services help ensure that all modules are produced with the same materials and in the same manner as the modules initially tested. Based on requirements such as UL 1703, IEC/UL 61215 or IEC/UL 61646, testing assesses the impact of stressors on PV module performance. These standards are harmonized with IEC standards, enabling the readiness of certified products for international and U.S. markets.

Evaluation and testing are conducted on-site or at UL’s five global PV laboratories. After successful completion, the product can be marketed as UL performance certified. UL may also accept a CB report for the equivalent IEC standard and, after its review and any additional testing, issue the UL performance certification.

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