Assess wind power potential before committing to a location with Windnavigator.

Explore Wind Resource, Project Opportunities and Energy Potential at 200 m resolution.

Windnavigator gives you the power to quickly obtain validated mean annual wind speed values, resource characteristics, maps and data layers, historical and long-term data sets, and resource and energy assessment reports. Users can accurately prospect green-field sites, identify locations for a wind monitoring campaign and assess competing projects at custom hub heights of 10 m – 140 m in an online platform. Users have access to the Compass with click and point wind statistics, wind rose, and monthly data.


Windnavigator Annual Subscription includes

  • Global access to the wind speed map
  • Compass statistics
  • Unlimited onshore and offshore Global Reanalysis points
  • (1) Complimentary Typical  Year Time Series
  • (1) Complimentary 200 m resolution Wind Resource Grid (WRG)
  • (1) Complimentary Advance Site Report


Watch a demonstration. View here.


"Windnavigator has become an essential part of our prospecting and site development toolkit. The interface is user-friendly and allows users to jump straight to the exact location and hub height they are interested in anywhere in the world. We also use the wind rose and monthly distribution data to enhance our estimates of power available and to refine our cash flow forecasts."
~ Graham Hygate, Managing Director, Fine Energy Operations Limited

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