Windographer quickly imports virtually every data format, allows rapid quality control and statistical analyses including MCP, and exports to all common wind flow models.



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"I've been playing with the MCP module and the upshot is.....fantastic. It gives almost identical results to my current application, but in a fraction of the time. Just like everything else in provides maximum clarity with minimum fuss."
~ David Blake, DP Energy, Australia

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Data Management Standard Professional Enterprise
Reads and interprets a huge variety of data files: text, Excel, RLD, RWD, NDF, NSD, STA, WND
check check check
Allows appending of new data into an existing data set check check check
Lets you define calculated data columns: rations, shear exponent, or roto-equivalent wind speed
check check check
Allows you to adjust calibration, combine, co-located anemometers and fill gaps check check check
Extrapolates speed, turbulence, direction and temperature data to any height check check check
Track all modifications you make to the data set check check check
Export text files, TAB files, and formats required by Openwind, WindSim, Meteodyn WT check check check
Produces standardized formatted reports, which you can save in PDF format check check check
Analysis Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Allows analysis of turbulence, wind shear, and tower distortion check check check
Lets you define quality control flags and flag data manually based on visual inspection check check check
Allows you to choose from large library of wind turbines and to compare energy output check check check
Advanced Analysis & Automation Standard Professional Enterprise
Features an MCP module for correlating with reference data   check check
Allows you to compare multiple data sets graphically   check check
Allows you to automate data flagging using “flag rules”   check check
Automatically detects and flags with effects of tower shading   check check
Allows analysis of extreme winds, inflow angle, and long term trends   check check
Allows free download of MERRA and MERRA-2 data   check check
Creates a representative year of hourly data with no gaps   check check
Databases Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Imports from and exports to any SQL database     check



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