Wind Developer Suite

Use what the experts use! One source for your wind analysis and visualization, data management, resource mapping, and plant design needs.


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Value Your TIME
  • Best resolution in industry: 200 m site prospecting online or in your preferred spatial analysis platform
  • Rapid screening of sites with resource & energy comparisons
  • Quickly import virtually any data file and see the results in multiple graphs
  • Combine multiple data files into one data set for easy analysis
  • Create the optimal wind turbine layout before construction begins, saving time and money
  • Apply constraints to produce buildable designs
  • Advanced multi-threading to handle large complex sites
  • Enter any hub height between 10 m and  140 m
  • Generate PDF maps and reports
  • High quality data leads to optimal site selection
  • Spot and fill gaps in data quickly
  • Track all modifications to the data set for your records
  • Apply Measure-Correlate-Predict (MCP) to your data with a suitable reference data set
  • 5 wake modules to choose from
  • Perform many common GIS functions within the software
  • Leading-edge Deep Array Wake Model
  • The world’s most validated resource modeling system
  • Long-term time series data for MCP and energy modeling
  • Graphically compare any number of data sets even if they have different time steps
  • Time-series energy modeling for more accurate simulation of wakes, curtailment, and other losses and to account for time-of-day pricing
  • Road and cabling design and costing




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Rapid, effective site selection with the best resolution and most accurate maps in the industry. Interactive global, 200-meter-resolution wind maps, speed and direction frequency data, downloadable reports, and a wide range of resource data (WRGs) including reanalysis data and custom WRF-based time series.


The market-leading software for importing, flagging, and analyzing wind resource data collected at wind project sites, and for preparing the data for use in wind flow and plant design software.


The industry’s most advanced software for creating and optimizing turbine layouts, designing and costing balance-of-plant (roads and electrical), performing energy estimates, and conducting ancillary analyses to produce a plan banks will approve.


The Wind Developer Suite includes a minimum of 10 hours of consulting time per year so that you can receive guidance from our experts to make the best use of the software. We find this close working relationship makes our customers’ teams far more effective, and that helps you be more successful.