Wind Data & Reports

Our data and maps are derived from simulations of historical atmospheric conditions performed by a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. The model output is further down-scaled with a micro-scale model accounting for local terrain and surface influences, and adjusted using available high-quality wind measurements. Our approach has been thoroughly validated and uncertainty statics are available. In addition, we also provide Time Series and Wind Resource Grid options using the WRF Model. Technical papers are available.

Read our methods here.

Maps and Resource Data

  • Validated Annual Wind Speed Maps available from 10m - 140m
  • GeoTiff file includes Wind Speed, Elevation and Roughness at 200 m resolution
  • ESRI Shapefile includes wind speed, power, Weibel A and k, frequency percentages (1 m/s bins), Wind Rose, Monthly and Diurnal Data.
  • Onshore and offshore data available
  • GIS formats compatible with standard GIS software
  • More details on deliverables Click Here
  • Sample GIS data

Time Series

  • Long Term Time Series Used for MCP analysis where short term data is available
    • WRF Time Series at 3km or 9km resolution for 1 year up to 35 years. Includes solar, TI and humidity data to complete conditions analysis
    • Global Reanalysis data (MERRA, MERRA2, ERAI, ERA5, and CFSR)
    • Onshore and offshore data available
  • Typical Year Time Series (Short Term)
    • Short term data set using AWST MASS model and scaled to 200m resolution to represent a 365 day sample from a 15 year period
    • CSV format – Imports easily to Openwind, Windographer and other plant design and resource assessment software
    • Sample Typical Year
    • Sample Long Term
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Wind Resource Grid (WRG)

  • Site met towers, , design preliminary turbine layouts and obtain preliminary energy estimates
  • Exports easily to most common wind flow and plant design software
  • User-entered hub height between 10m – 140km
  • Basic WRG: 200m resolution, fixed 25km x 25km
  • Advanced WRG: 50m resolution, 50km x 50km up to 100km x 100km
  • Sample WRG
  • View Video

Site Reports

  • Quick comprehensive PDF report with graphs for presenting
  • Extensive charts and graphs including wind rose, frequency distribution and monthly diurnal data
  • Advanced Report allows user to compare up to 3 turbine models for site
  • Based on 200m resolution data
  • Many additional features included
  • Sample Advanced Site Report

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