• Determine the best layout balancing energy output with construction costs using the Cost of Energy Optimization module
  • Deep Array Wake Modules are more accurate than leading competing modules and are essential for estimating wake losses for utility-scale wind farms
  • Software developed drawing on over 30 years of consulting expertise assures confidence from financial institutions
  • Compatibility with other wind software enables seamless file sharing & easy migration of existing procedures

Maximize Energy Optimization

  • Cost of Energy Optimization
  • Gridded Turbine Layers
  • Reduced and Quantify Uncertainty
  • Multiple Design Turbine Layout Option

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Minimize Energy Loss

  • Deep Array Wake Models (DAWM) & Standard Wake Models
  • Time Series Energy Capture
  • Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence
  • Non-Ideal Performance Losses

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"Compared to competition, Openwind is greatly adaptable, tweakable, detailed, useful and GIS compatible. It could surpass other software applications (such as WindPRO, WAsP, Meteodyn, WindSim, WindFarmer, etc) in many respects using different built in Openwind features. I would like to emphasize the fast and effective customer support."
~ Kornel Rozsavolgyi, Orion Renewable Energy Group

Environment Management

  • Noise Modeling - based on ISO 9613-2
  • Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker Curtailments)
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Visual Impact Modeling (variety of ZVI measurements)

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Work Efficiencies

  • Effective Turbine Intensity
  • Exporting Options
  • Vast amount of files accepted
  • GPS Integration
  • Scripting Tool
  • Validated Energy Capture

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