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General Questions

Who can I contact for a question or more help?

Please contact our sales department for more information at software.contact@awstruepower.com or your regional Product Specialist.

North America, Central America or South America: Nicole Hahn. Nicole.Hahn@ul.com or +1 518 213 0044 Ext. #1045.

Europe, Middle East, or Africa: Vana Cavala. Vana.Cavala@ul.com or +34 934 487 265 Ext.#2024.

Asia Pacific: Neha Ravindra. Neha.Ravindra@ul.com or +9180 4135 8698.

What browsers best support AWS Truepower's online dashboards?

All of our dashboards are optimized to run in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, for Windnavigator, Windographer, and Openwind.

Do you offer an academic discount?

Yes. Please contact us requesting an academic discount, and we will send you a discount code that you can enter during the purchase process on this website.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a credit card or we can invoice you. To pay by bank wire transfer, choose pay later during the purchase process. You will receive an invoice and a purchase code immediately via email, and you can pay via wire transfer. You cannot activate your license until we receive payment. For more information on payment you can contact our finance department at software.payment@awstruepower.com.

Do you invoice in different currencies other than U.S.?


What is your VAT number?

US companies do not have VAT numbers.  Our tax number is 14-1813081. Our SWIFT# is BOFAUS3N.

Do you have a return policy?

No, we do offer free trials to make sure our customers can try the product stress free before purchasing. Because some of our software cannot be removed from computers once it is issued, customers are not capable of returning the product.

Wind Developer Suite

What if I want to order the Wind Developer Suite but I already subscribe to one or more software?

We will apply a credit to your account that can be applied to the sale of the Wind Developer Suite. Subscriptions in the suite will all have the same renew date based on the date of the suite sale.

Can I order only 2 of the 3 software?

Not for the suite price. You can buy any software individual at the prices listed per software.

What versions of Windographer and Openwind do I get in the suite?

Windographer Professional and Openwind Enterprise

Who can I contact for customer support?

You can use the contact form on the website, email software.contact@awstruepower.com.  You can also contact one of our regional offices found here.

Why is the Wind Developer Suite significantly cheaper than the other products purchased individually?

AWS Truepower is promoting our All-Inclusive package and that we are the only company that can be your single provider for wind software needs. The favorable suite price is a promotional introduction price of the bundle.


Where can I find the user guide?

The user guide is found within the program. You will have access to it after purchasing.

Do you have the region of the world I am interested in?

AWS Truepower currently offers global subscriptions. To purchase data from these regions, please contact the software sales team here or at software.contact@awstruepower.com.

What values can I get with the API?

You can get eleven common wind statistics for your location including; Weibull A and K, elevation, air density, air temperature, energy, shear exponent, wind rose, wind speed, predominant direction and max gusts. All values are average annual values. Wind speed, wind rose, and predominant direction values can be provided as monthly averages.

How many values can I get at once with the API?

Users can get up to 1,000 values with one call. Values need to be purchased in advance in one of our predefined value blocks.

What can I access when I sign up for a free account?

A free account will give you access to the Windnavigator Dashboard where you can browse our wind map interface. You can view on screen wind statistics and compass reports. You can also purchase other data and reports.

How do I get to My Account?

To access your account once logged in, click your name in the upper-right corner of the page. The My Account page can also be accessed from http://dashboards.awstruepower.com/account.

Do I have to buy a subscription?

No, you do not. You can purchase maps as an individual purchase.

Wind Management

How do I get to My Account?

To access your account once logged in, click your name in the upper-right corner of the page. The My Account page can also be accessed from http://dashboards.awstruepower.com/account.

How secure is my data?

AWS Truepower has taken every step to ensure the security of your data even though we are providing you access to view your data through the dashboard. These precautions include password protection only allowing authorized users to access the data so that you can control what users have access to view and download data.

Where is data stored?

AWS Truepower stores your data in a mirrored data center in multiple locations. All locations have both electronic and physical security.

How frequently can I access my data?

You are able to access your data anywhere you have access to the internet. AWS Truepower has an infrastructure that includes redundant switches, firewalls and power systems so that you have access to your secure data.


Where can I find the user guide?

The user guide is found within Windographer program. Go to the toolbar and click on Help and then Contents.

How can I buy it?

Use our secure e-commerce facility on this website to purchase Windographer by credit card, or choose to pay later and receive an invoice. You will receive a purchase code that you can enter into Windographer to activate your license. Or contact our sales department here or software.contact@awstruepower.com.

Do you charge an annual fee?

There is no annual fee if you buy a permanent license. Permanent licenses have no recurring fees, but major upgrades (e.g. v3 to v4) require an upgrade fee. Subscribers pay an annual fee that covers all upgrades. You can contact our sales team if you have more questions on permanent verse subscription licenses.

How does the subscription compare to the permanent license?

It is the same software, but the subscription offers a different way to pay. The subscription has a lower initial cost and predictable future costs, and it provides immediate access to upgrades as soon as they become available. The permanent license is more expensive up front, but entails no future costs unless you decide to upgrade to a new major release at some point.

Does the price of a license include updates?

Yes, updates are included in your cost if you have a permanent license. We define updates as small improvements to the existing version of the software, such as bug fixes or small feature additions. It does not include access to a new version if released.

What’s the difference between an update and an upgrade?

We define an upgrade as a major new release of the software with new features and functionality. We issue a major new release roughly once every two years. Subscribers receive major upgrades for free. Those who have purchased permanent licenses of the previous version of Windographer have the option to upgrade to the newer version at a discounted price.

I already have a Windographer 1 or 2 license. How can I upgrade to Windographer 4?

Version 1 and 2 customers can purchase Windographer version 4 from our website. They do not receive upgrade discounts.

I already have a Windographer 3.x license. How can I upgrade to Windographer 4?

Version 3 customers will receive an upgrade discount on Windographer 4.  You can use your purchase code to obtain this discount during the online purchase of v4 or Contact us for more information.

What do I do after I upgrade my license?

When you purchase an upgrade from version 3 to version 4, please deactivate your v3 license, then download and install v4, then use the new purchase code to activate your v4 license.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, and we do our best to respond quickly. We always welcome feedback, feature request, bug reports, etc.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet?

You do not have to be connected to the Internet to use Windographer. But you do have to be connected to the Internet to activate or deactivate your license, at which time Windographer communicates with our licensing server. Windographer transmits no personal information during this process.

What happens if I replace my computer or re-install Windows?

If possible, deactivate your Windographer license before switching computers. Then, simply re-install Windographer on the new computer and activate the license with your purchase code. If you cannot deactivate your license on the first computer, please contact us for assistance.

Can I transfer a license from one computer to another?

Yes, deactivate the license on one computer, then activate it on another, using the License Management window. It’s a piece of cake.

Can I transfer a license from one person to another?

Yes. If you deactivate one Windographer license, it immediately becomes available for someone else to activate using the same purchase code.

Can multiple people share a single Windographer license?

Yes. You can install Windographer to one computer that multiple people share, or you can install it on multiple computers and take turns activating the license on one computer at a time.

Can we install Windographer on a network server?

No, the end user license agreement (to which you must agree when you install Windographer) prohibits installation to a shared server.

What are Windographer’s system support requirements?

Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP, Intel or AMD processor, 32-bit or 64-bit systems, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 1 GB RAM, 20 MB hard disk space

Can it read high frequency data?

No, the minimum time step it can accept is one minute.

How much data can it handle?

There is no hard limit, as it depends on the computer capacity and the characteristics of the data. Above about 15 million data points (rows * columns) processing will probably slow down. We hope to implement improved memory management techniques to allow Windographer to handle larger data sets in the future.

Does Windographer provide wind data?

Yes, it allows free download of MERRA-2 data, which is often suitable for long-term reference data.

Does Windographer run on MAC computers?

Windographer runs on Windows, so to use it on a Mac you will have to run Boot Camp, Wine, or a virtualization application like Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or VirtualBox.  We know that users do this successfully.


When I run an energy capture, the turbine mean free wind speeds are different to the mean wind speeds shown in my raster which was created from the same WRG that I am using?

First, are you using one or more met masts in conjunction with your WRG? If no then make sure the range of wind speeds in the energy capture is sufficiently large that increasing it does not change the mean wind speeds reported at the turbines. Normally we recommend 70m/s as an upper limit but that isn't necessarily always high enough to capture an exceptionally long-tailed Weibull curve. 

For those of you using met masts for energy capture (recommended) then the following check list applies:

1) have you adjusted your WRG to your met masts? If not then you need to do that. 

2) do your met masts have the same number of sectors as the WRG? A mismatch can lead to differences in wind speed.

3) are the number of direction steps in your energy capture calculation an odd integer multiple of the number of sectors in your met mast and WRG?

4) do you have direction correction checked in the energy capture settings? If so then the turbine wind speeds should match the raster mean wind speeds unless you are running time-series energy capture in which it is not possible to apply a direction correction..

5) do you have the speed up scale factor set to 1.0 (default)

6) was your wind speed raster created with the same settings as your energy capture? i.e. the same met mast and either with or without the direction correction checked.


The important thing to remember is that the mean wind speeds at the turbines don't really matter beyond a sanity check. Running a representative distribution through the power curve does.

What kind of computer do I need to run Openwind?

The amount of memory and processing power that you need is really determined by what you want to do and the size of the datasets you want to use. Having said that, we would recommend the following:

Operating system: MS Windows 64 bit or Ubuntu 64 bit (32 bit operating systems do not support enough RAM)

CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2698v4 or AMD Threadripper 1950X (i.e. many cores at a high clock speed)

RAM: 64GB (as a general recommendation. Openwind can run in 2GB but most users require between 32 and 64GB).

Monitor: 1 or more monitors with HD (1920x1080) resolution or better

GPU: Openwind does not use hardware acceleration at present so integrated graphics are fine.

Can I run Openwind on my Mac?

Openwind runs primarily on Windows although it can also be compiled to run natively on Linux and Unix. In order to use it on Mac OS, at present, you will need to run a VM. We recommend using VMWare Fusion.

Where can I find the user guide?

The user guide is emailed to customers after purchasing.

How can I buy it?

Please contact our sales department here or call +1 518 213-0044 x1074 to purchase.  Our sales team will arrange for the software user ID to be emailed and instructions to download the program.

Do you charge an annual fee?

Yes. Openwind is a twelve month subscription.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. Technical support is included with an annual subscription and customers with an up-to-date maintenance contract (renewal).

Can I pay for someone to visit our site for training?

Yes. We do offer onsite training and training via satellite. Please contact our sales department for more information at software.contact@awstruepower.com.