Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring

Third-party monitoring of wind and solar projects in the construction and early operational stages has become critical for lenders and investors to understand the progress and performance of their investments. Our experienced civil and electrical engineers have worked with banks and owners/operators to review the contractor’s progress during construction and the plant’s efficiency during operation.

During the construction and commissioning phases of a renewable energy project, AWS Truepower provides construction monitoring services to ensure that project milestones are completed, that the work conforms to the project design, quality controls are being met, and that potential delays or cost overruns are identified.

Construction monitoring is usually performed through on-site visits to the project site, either on a monthly or milestone basis during the construction phase of the project. On-site reviews typically consist of:

  • Review of final design for general compliance with contracts, and the progress of the design for compliance with the scheduled milestones
  • Review of proposed work plans and quality control procedures
  • Observe work in progress to determine that the project is proceeding in according with the milestone schedule and design
  • Review of quality control reports and lab test reports
  • Consultations with the owner and contractor in advance of major inspections or important work phases
  • Progress reports including budget and schedule variances, photos

During the project start up and testing phase AWS Truepower provides independent assessments of:

  • Performance guarantee satisfaction
  • Initial operations
  • Completion of construction contracts
  • Review test procedures to confirm compliance
  • Monitor data collection procedures
  • Review Loan Requisition Certificate and supporting documentation
  • Prepare the Engineering Certificate for Clients and Lenders
  • Witness performance testing
  • Review test reports from contractor and/or owner
  • Prepare final report/letter verifying the attainment of performance guarantees from contracts

AWS Truepower will monitor the successful completion of each item, with a final on-site visit to verify that all items have been completed.