Due Diligence Services

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy projects is critical for developers, lenders and investors alike. As one of the world’s leading and most experienced renewable energy technical advisors, UL provides comprehensive, flexible and timely due diligence services for the wind and solar industries.

Investor Services

We are a trusted advisor and partner for wind and solar investors around the world. From single project investments to global portfolio acquisitions, we understand that different investments require different levels of technical review. Whether you need a quick turn audit or a thorough due diligence review, our experienced engineering staff will work closely with you to identify technical risks, evaluate potential mitigation strategies and assess the potential return of the project. Learn more.

Independent Engineering Services

Independent Engineer reviews are critical for wind and solar projects to obtain financing. Based on 30 years of industry experience, our expert engineers understand the technical nuances of renewable energy projects, making us a trusted technical advisor for Lenders around the world. Learn more.

Portfolio Assessment

Combining multiple wind or solar projects into portfolios can provide benefits for investors, buyers and sellers. When summing the P75-P99 net production values for a portfolio of wind projects directly, it is assumed that the uncertainties are perfectly correlated, which is not usually the case. Many renewable project portfolios see the financial benefits of a reduction in uncertainty when projects are evaluated as a group using our portfolio analysis methodology. We have provided technical advisory services for a broad range of portfolios, from portfolios consisting of a few projects to those with 20+ projects globally. Learn more.