Grid Code Compliance

Grid Connection Compatibility According to Grid Codes

Our experience and understanding of global grid codes helps ensure that power from renewable energy technology is safely transmitted onto the grid. UL is an independently accredited certification body according to DIN EN ISO 17065 and is accredited for grid code compliance certification. Our scope covers the German VDE-AR-N Standards for all voltage levels, the Indian Grid Code Notification and several international grid codes.

Certification of grid connection refers to local grid codes and requirements of the grid operators in a specific region. UL provides certification in accordance with several national and international grid codes. UL performs concept validations of Power Generating Units (PGU) and Power Generating Systems (PGS) during the research and development phase. Our experts are authorized by the Federation of German Windpower and other Renewable Energies (FGW) for power generating systems certificates by the German Grid Code and Standards. With over ten years of experience we have the ability to support our customers by offering customized solutions that support grid integration and energy systems.

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Learn more about UL’s Certification services for:

Power Generating Units

To conduct a certification for Power Generating Units (PGU), UL performs an evaluation and confirmation of the electrical characteristics of the PGU including active and reactive power, low and high voltage ride through (LVRT/HVRT), protection and control systems as well as power quality.


Power Generating Systems/Power Plants

To conduct a certification for Power Generating Systems/Power Plants (PGS) UL performs an evaluation and confirmation of
the requirements of the applicable grid code. The requirements include load flow calculation of the reactive power capability, dynamic simulation of the LVRT/HVRT response and evaluation of the protection and control system of the PGS including all parameters at the point of common coupling.


Additional Grid Integration Services

  • Grid studies for power generation systems and power plants
  • Quality assurance inspection of the PGU or PGS (especially substations) conducted during both the construction and commissioning phases to help ensure best possible project outcomes
  • Commissioning and warranty transition inspections of PGU, PGS or parts of PGS (such as substations and cabling) for an expert view of the project and to help ensure required quality
  • Grid studies to evaluate, analyze, calculate and simulate grid behavior
  • Identify issues and perform tasks that help ensure the safety and reliability of the grid