Openwind Training Resources

Utilize Openwind training resources to further develop and enhance your skills. 

We have assembled a comprehensive library of training videos for our Openwind software. We recommend you download our training data to use as you work through each of these videos. We suggest that as you work through each of these videos you save each workbook after completing each step.

Access the User Manual

Our User Manual is intended to act as a reference, describing the functionality of Openwind, illuminating the rules at work within the interface and explaining how various models are implemented within the software. Download the latest version.


Training Videos


1. Basic GIS 


2. Working with rasters

3. Roughness

4. Working with vector layers

5. Wind data

6. Wind flow

7. Turbine types

8.  Layer hierarchy

9. Layer validity

10. Basic energy optimiser

11. Environmental sensors

12. Mapped environmental impacts

13. Multiple met masts

14. Adjusting WRGs

15. Energy losses

16. Time-series energy capture

17. Curtailments

18. Cost of energy optimization

19. Uncertainty

20. Turbine performance

21. Gridded layouts

22. GPS integration

23. Accessing Windnavigator data directly in Openwind

24. Point Layer Editing






























































































































Looking for additional training and support?

UL offers individualized team training and support delivered by our expert software developers and users. If you are interested in setting up a training session contact our technical support team.