Solar Certification for Materials and Components

Materials and Components

Polymeric Materials

Hand holding a pair of Solar PV ConnectorsPolymeric materials are essential to the fabrication of PV modules and used in critical components such as substrates, encapsulants, back sheets and adhesives. Safety compliance with established standards minimizes risk of failure and ensures safe operation, covering such areas as flammability, resistance to ignition, thermal endurance and electrical properties. We can run separate investigations, as well, to evaluate the properties of critical module components. Customers also benefit from services such as joint UL/IEC and other international certifications, and ongoing R&D support from our PV materials experts.

UL offers streamlined testing and certification of PV materials to:

  • UL 94
  • UL 746A, B, C
  • UL 1703, UL 61730-2 and IEC 61730-2

Wiring and Harnesses

PV modules operate at high temperatures and are exposed to a variety of environmental conditions. As a result, the insulation of module interconnection wiring may be required to be sunlight resistant and rated for wet locations at a temperature rating of 90ºC or above. UL provides testing and certification to:

  • UL 854 for USE-2 wire
  • UL 4703 for PV wire which offers superior sunlight resistance
  • UL 9703 wiring system and harnesses UL is also the first in the world to offer an NEC-mandated certification program for North American market access.


Critical components of a PV module must be individually assessed to determine safety and performance compliance. Noncompliance may delay product certification, increasing time-to-market as well as costs for design changes – and results in additional testing.

UL evaluates and certifies components to national and international standards:

  • UL 3730 for junction boxes
  • UL 6703 and UL 6703A for PV connectors

To assist manufacturers, UL also offers the UL Component Recognition program, which allows quicker and easier sourcing of known components as well as enhanced supply chain management.