Windographer 4.1 and Windographer Products

Windographer version 4.1 
– New MCP module capable of handling multiple onsite and reference data sets 
– Boom orientation and displacement height 
– Faster processing, better vertical extrapolation, more complete document history 
– Improved gap filling, shear analysis, data recovery analysis, and comparison of data sets 
– Improved calculated columns, better data import/export 

Windographer Monitor – NEW 
Windographer Monitor is a highly anticipated automated wind data management service. Windographer Monitor can integrate with any SQL database that meets the specifications of Windographer Enterprise. 
– Monitors folders for raw wind resource data files 
– Imports any newly-arrived data 
– Performs automated quality control 
– Inserts the data into a database. 

Windographer Database Creator 
Windographer Database Creator is a utility program that creates a simple Microsoft SQL Server database with a competence to store wind resource data, metadata and the ability to communicate with Windographer Enterprise.
– Stores wind data including calibration data, flag data, and data set history 
– Creates all stored procedures that the database needs to communicate with Windographer 
– Ability to expand the system over time, adding table and fields, or editing the stored procedures