Wind Plant Lifetime Extension (LTE)

Unlocking Additional Value and Maximizing Remaining Useful Life:

Most wind turbines are built with a certified design life of 20 years. In reality, margins exist for many wind plants due to favorable site conditions and/or asset management practices which enable turbines to safely operate longer, thereby unlocking additional value from the original investment. As assets age and industry knowledge grows, a paradigm shift has occurred among wind plant owners and operators to optimize the assets based on their Remaining Useful Life (RUL).

Join UL experts Stephen Lightfoote, and Jose Javier Ripa for an overview of the goals of, and approaches to, lifetime extension. Focus will be on the analysis of how actual operating conditions at wind turbines compare to their design conditions, as well as on how predictive modeling is used to assess and maximize the lifetime of major components.

Download the presentation slide deck here.