Utilizing data to deliver results in the early stages of wind development

Utilizing the best wind data during the early stages of prospecting and project development can better inform decision-making and lead to better project results. Accessing this data can be a challenge in many regions of the world because meteorological data is not widely available, and/or the terrain or meteorology is complex. To accommodate these challenges, UL has developed high-resolution wind data, maps, and reporting tools delivered through its online platform, Windnavigator, and in situations where more detail is needed to support decision making, custom data can be produced through UL’s proprietary wind flow modeling to reduce uncertainties for a specific location.

In this webinar we discuss the data and tools you will need to analyze and prospect greenfield sites, assess completing projects, evaluate wind resource and energy potential, conduct measure-correlate-predict analysis, site met towers, design preliminary turbine layouts, and obtain preliminary estimates of wind energy.

Watch this webinar to earn how you can utilize the same data used by our experts to make your wind prospecting and development activities a success.

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