UL latest backcast study and wind energy yield methods update

Original Broadcast Date: 10 Sept 2020

Through the last several years, UL has grown in the renewables space through several company acquisitions (DEWI, AWS Truepower). Now, UL intends to adopt a harmonized method globally to perform wind energy yield assessments, while implementing certain regional and project-specific adaptations to meet the requirements of specific markets. The harmonized method will be adopted in a two-phase approach, with the first phase rolled out on October 1, 2020 and the second phase in Q1 2021. A key part of the harmonization is to assess the accuracy of the current methods in use. The process of verifying energy production estimation methods against observed plant performance is called a backcast study. 

The UL team presented the results of the latest backcast study conducted on UL-DEWI and UL-AWST methods for energy yield assessment based on met mast measurements, with an emphasis on projects in Europe. The changes in energy yield assessment methods, which will be implemented in the two phases, will be detailed. 


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