Openwind Webinar 2018

Openwind is an advanced, user friendly software for creating and optimizing turbine layouts, performing energy estimates and conducting additional analyses that are key components to a plan banks will approve. 

  • Determine the best layout balancing energy output with construction costs using our exclusive Cost of Energy Optimization module
  • Developers & trainers work with clients to help them utilize the program to meet their needs.
  • Compatibility with other wind software enables seamless file sharing & easy migration of existing procedures.

 Maximize Energy Production

  • Cost of Energy Optimization
  • Gridded Turbine Layers
  • Reduce and quantify uncertainty

  Minimize Energy Loss

  • Deep Array Wake Model (DAWM) & standard wake models
  • Time Series Energy Capture Model
  • Non-Ideal Performance Losses

  Environmental Management

  • Noise Modeling
  • Turbine Scheduling
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Visual Impact Modeling

  Work Efficiencies

  • Effective Turbine Intensity
  • GIS & GPS Integration
  • Validated Energy Capture
  • Exports to multiple programs