MassCEC Metocean Data Initiative: The First Year Offshore

In this webinar, please join the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and UL (formerly AWS Truepower) for a summary of the Metocean Initiative’s first year of offshore monitoring. Tyler Studds of MassCEC along with Matthew Filippelli and Matthew Bullard of UL will provide an introduction to the Initiative, and an overview of the project’s measurements, data products and the wind resource where the first commercial-scale offshore wind project will be built.

MassCEC will present the scope, goals and status of the Metocean Initiative, and explain how the offshore monitoring campaign is intended to accelerate the responsible development of the Commonwealth’s offshore wind resource. UL will introduce the measurement campaign, summarize key observed conditions over the last year, discuss unique events that were captured in the Period of Record, and provide information on how to access data and analysis products. All of the observed statistics and data analyses will be presented in the context of assessing Massachusetts’ long-term wind resource and offshore project design conditions.

Click here to download the presentation slides.