Making renewable energy field inspections safer and more efficient with digitalization

UL’s new Digital Inspection Platform can help automate and streamline the inspection process for businesses managing solar plants, wind farms or factory inspections. 

The field inspection process can be fraught with administrative work and time delays if you are conducting paper-based inspections. And with travel restrictions and requirements to keep a safe distance, it’s more important than ever to conduct field inspections safely and efficiently. UL’s Digital Inspection Platform is designed to help you address these challenges with the digitalization of the inspection process.

Utilizing a web-based platform, inspection teams can setup, customize, manage and report on the entire field inspection process remotely — from home or an office. The Digital Inspection Platform reduces the need to send multiple staff to a site. With a mobile device and a downloadable app, those responsible for conducting field inspections are guided through customized checklists where they can take notes, make recommendations, and document and photograph findings. When an inspection is complete, remote field staff can securely upload results to the rest of their team. Once the results are received, teams can view result summaries and quickly generate reports to address problems in the field — a process that usually takes days or weeks to prepare.

Watch this informational webinar and learn how our Digital Inspection Platform can support and enhance your inspection process.


View the PDF of the slide deck here.