Basics and Specialties of Hybrid Power Systems and Microgrids

Hybrid Power systems, especially in the field of decentralized renewable power production, challenges topics in case of technology, demand and operation. The specific power production and yield of the different technologies like wind energy, photovoltaic, direct coupled generators and storage leads to the possibility of combined power production to reduce the grid load and optimize the local power production. The next step is the decoupling of the grid which leads to specific challenges in the electrical characteristics and operation to ensure a safe operation based on technology and load demand. This webinar will: – Provide an overview of the grid related basics of Hybrid Power Systems and Microgrids on the functional perspective and technology – Why an operation of Hybrid Power System with decentralized power generation can optimize the power feeding or covering of a specific load demand? – What could be a possible or effective operation for an Hybrid Power System in case of power feeding? – What is the difference between a Hybrid Power System and a Microgrid? – What are the challenges for grids on an Island operation within a Microgrid? – How can an operation and electrical characteristics ensure the stability of a Microgrid?