Data Management: Wind and Solar Monitoring Service

UL’s Data Management and monitoring service allows our team of global expert meteorologist to work directly with clients to monitor and manage the status of your data to ensure the highest quality of data. The service is for clients managing met towers, solar stations and remote sensor stations at one or multiple wind or solar resource assessment sites. Your dedicated team will monitor and report on the status of your data weekly and you also have 24/7 access to our fast, secure online platform.

Collecting data is a repetitive but necessary task. Being able to identify and respond to custom created alerts quickly reduces uncertainty and allows you to spend your time more efficiently. The dashboard displays information such as sensor data and health status, graphs, and supporting documentation for users to quickly understand their wind and solar resource as well as their sensor performance. UL experts review and quality control the data on a regular basis which allows for a more efficient analysis when it comes time to complete a full resource/energy analysis.