GIS Data and Wind Speed Maps

Wind data provided in GIS compatible formats so you can conduct in-depth analysis and create maps

Once you have defined a viable location for wind development using Windnavigator’s map-based interface you can further your analysis by downloading wind data provided in standard GIS compatible formats. When you import this data into your preferred spatial analysis platform you can begin to create your own wind maps and conduct in-depth analysis. The following deliverables are included for a user-defined area of interest.

Standard Deliverables 


  • Resolution: 200 m
  • PDF of wind speed at user defined hub height (10m to 140m)
  • Annual average wind speed at user defined hub heights up to 140m (pricing available for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hub heights)
  • Digital Elevation and Model (DEM)
  • Roughness

ESRI Point Shapefiles (.shp) 

  • Resolution: 2 km
  • Wind Distribution Data: wind speed, power, Weibull A and k, and frequency percentages in 1 m/s bin
  • Wind Rose: Frequency and speed in 16 direction sectors
  • Monthly Data: Average annual wind speeds by month
  • Diurnal Data: Includes average annual wind speeds by hour

Sample GIS data