DEWI Magazine, Issue 45, 8/2014

Table of Contents

Editorial (EN, DE)

Micrositing using Rotor Equivalent Wind Speed – One Step Forward or Aside? (EN)

Energy Production Estimation of Faulty Wind Turbines (EN)

The Influence of Humidity Fluxes on Atmospheric Stability at FINO1: A Contrast of Two Februarys (EN)

FINO1 Mast Effects on Measured Wind Speeds Calculated with CFD Methods (EN, DE)

Plenty of Potential Still Available for Wind Energy Use in Northern Saxony-Anhalt (EN, DE)

Wind Energy Use in Germany – Status 30.06.2014 (EN, DE)

Development of Offshore Wind Energy in Germany in the First Half Year of 2014 (EN, DE)

EEG 2014 – New Framework Conditions for Wind Energy Use in Germany (EN, DE)

Stress Related Effects of Wind Turbine Noise (EN, DE)

DEWEK 2015 – Call for Papers (EN)



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