DEWI Magazine, Issue 44, 2/2014

Table of Contents

Editorial (EN, DE)

Quick Assessment of Energy Yield (EN, DE)

Physical Modeling in Wind Energy Forecasting (EN)

Meteorological and Oceanographic Conditions at the FINO Platforms During the Severe Storms Christian and Xaver (EN, DE)

Real Time Underwater Sound Measuring System MAUI Delivers First Results (EN)

New Specific Power Installation in Wind Turbines (EN, DE)

Wind Energy Use in Germany – Status 31.12.2013 (EN, DE)

Status of Repowering in 2013 (EN, DE)

German Offshore Market Growing Despite Problems with Grid Connection (EN, DE)

Low-risk Processes, Customized for Operation of Offshore Wind Farms (EN)

DEWI News (EN, DE)


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