DEWI Magazine, Issue 43, 8/2013

Table of Contents

Editorial (GB, DE)

Underwater Acoustic Monitoring at FINO3 (GB, DE)

Offshore Test of Hydro Sound Dampers at ‘London Array’ (GB)

Wake Modeling of an Offshore Wind Farm Using OpenFOAM (GB)

Onshore Wind Energy Potential in Germany (GB)

Wind Energy Use in Germany – Status 30.06.2013 (GB, DE)

Offshore Wind Energy Boom in the First Half Year of 2013 (GB, DE)

Development of Power Curve Measurement Standards (GB)

Power Performance Measured Using a Nacelle-mounted LiDAR (GB)

LVRT Low Voltage Ride-Through (GB, DE)

Aeroacoustic Optimization of Wind Turbine Airfoils by Combining Thermographic and Acoustic Measurement Data (GB)

Analysis and Application of Hardware in the Loop Wind Loads for Full Scale Nacelle Ground Testing (GB)

DEWI News (GB, DE)


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