DEWI Magazine, Issue 42, 2/2013

Table of Contents

Editorial (GB, DE)

Review of the Real Energy Production Data of Operating Wind Farms in Comparison to Former Predicted Energy Yields (GB, DE)

Use of Different Globally Available Long-term Data Sets and its Influence on Expected Wind Farm Energy Yields (GB)

Calculation of Wind Farm Production Losses via MERRA Data in Consequence of Bat Based Temporary Wind Turbine Shut Downs(GB)

Assessment of the Potential for Wind, Solar and Bio Energy in the Northwest of Lower Saxony (GB, DE)

Wind Energy Use in Germany – Status 31.12.2012 (GB, DE)

Wind Energy Development 2012 in Germany Benefits from Repowering (GB, DE)

Temporal & Energetic Downtime Losses and its Influence on Wind Farm Economics (GB)

Gearmesh as Source of Vibration and Application of Modal Synthesis Techniques to the Characterization of Mechanical Systems (GB)

Park Correction for FINO1-Wind Speed Measurements at alpha ventus (EN)

Detailed Analysis of Offshore Wakes Based on Two Years Data of alpha ventus and Comparison with CFD Simulations (EN)

DEWI News (GB, DE)

Successful DEWEK 2012 High quality of conference contributions attracted wind experts from 20 countries (GB, DE)


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