DEWI Magazine, Issue 41, 9/2012

Table of Contents

Editorial (GB, DE)

Safety Standards for Wind Turbines (GB, DE)

Wind Energy Resources of the Kola Peninsula (Russia) (GB)

First Insight in Offshore Wind Profiles up to 250 m Under Free and Wind Turbine Wake Flows (GB)

Employment from Wind Energy – Regional Effects (GB, DE)

Status of Offshore Wind Power – An Up-to-date Overview (GB, DE)

Wind Energy Use in Germany – Status 30.06.2012 (GB, DE)

Wind Power Development in France from January 2011 to June 2012 with some Comparisons with Germany (GB)

Regional Wind Speed Evolution Identification and Long-term Correlation Application (GB, FR)

DEWEK 2012 – Preliminary Program (EN)

DEWI News (GB, DE)

The DEWI Training Program for Wind Energy (GB, DE)


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